More than an icon or a best-seller, the MITU PRO MODEL is first and foremost Mitu MONTEIRO’s
own board and this can mean only one thing: the board just as the man behind it remains firmly at the top of its game year after year.

100% dedicated to strapless riding
Excellent in waves AND for freestyle
Intuitive and playful in ALL conditions
Available for everyone!


*Note that the table is for guidance only.
Rider Level: Rider weight: 50-60 kg 60-70 kg 70-80 kg 80-90 kg 100+ kg
Amateur Board length: 6'2-6'8 6'4-7'0 6'6-7'2 6'8-7'4 7'0-7'6
Intermediate Board length: 6'0-6'6 6'2-6'8 6'4-7'0 6'6-7'2 6'8-7'4
Pro Board length: 5'8-6'4 6'0-6'6 6'2-6'8 6'4-7'0 6'6-7'2


*Note that the table is for guidance only.
Rider Level: Rider weight: 50-70 kg 70-90 kg 90+ kg
Amateur, Intermediate & Pro Board length: 9'2-9'6 9'4-9'10 9'10+
Årgang 2019
Type Surfboard
Konstruktion Ikke tilgængelig
Foil System Nej
Foil Plate Ikke tilgængelig
Længde Ikke tilgængelig
Bredde Ikke tilgængelig
Tykkelse Ikke tilgængelig
Størrelse 5'6" / 5’8
Hydrofoil Størrelse Ikke tilgængelig
Dimensioner 167 x 46.5 cm / 172 x 47 cm
Volume 22.8 L / 23.9 L
Vægt 3,33 kg / 3,49 kg
Finner Ikke tilgængelig
Front Towing D-Ring Ikke tilgængelig
Anbefalet Maks Tryk Ikke tilgængelig
Hydrofoil Ikke tilgængelig
Pumpe Ikke tilgængelig