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Flexifoil Shiva Kitesurfing kites 2013

Flexifoil Shiva Kitesurfing kites 2013

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    God kvalitets kite fra Flexifoil til 2013. Shiva er let på baren og har masse depower til kitesurferen.
    God og hurtig vandstart gør Shiva begynder venlig.

    New for 2013 the Shiva is a totally new design from the ground up.  It is a result of months of work by our design team, and we believe it is the most advanced hybrid design on the market this season. The kite offers unparalleled ease of use, effortless relaunch, incredible turning speed and windrange, as well as legendary Flexifoil build quality.

    The Shiva has light bar pressure, which takes the work out of riding, but still gives you amazing feedback through the bar. It's super stable qualities and user friendliness let you concentrate on your riding and push your limits on the water.

    The kite has good lift which freeriders and freestylers will love, but maintains all of the characteristics necessary to make it great for wave riding. We have worked hard to make the kites turn very quickly for their size, which is essential to good waveriding performance, and given the Shiva an amazing amount of depower which keeps you in control as you are flying down the wave. The profile of our hybrid design allows the kite to drift downwind when you turn towards it, and delivers smooth, predictable power during smooth loops down the line.

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