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Flexifoil: HADLOW ID

Flexifoil: HADLOW ID

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    What defines our identity?

    What makes us who we are? How do we put our head above the crowd? We make statements. We show the world who we are, what we're about and where we want to be. We aspire, we drive and we succeed. 11 years ago Aaron Hadlow started a journey. He decided he wanted to be at the top and he went there. He showed the world his character, proved who he was. Now he shares that journey with you, presents you with a kite that will take you there to join him, to share that identity, that success, that image. HADLOW, powered by Flexifoil, present the ID. Stemming from the existing HADLOW PRO, the ID adds to the HADLOW Collection a kite firmly in the reach of all aspiring kiters. With increased depower, easier relaunch and phenomenal performance in freestyle, freeriding and wave riding the ID is an expansion on the HADLOW Collection that gives you the tools to grow and be a part of the HADLOW movement from intermediate to pro riders alike.

    Who is it for?

    No longer is the HADLOW style the reserve of only the most advanced kiters. the ID is aimed at intermediate to advanced riders in freestyle or freeriding, or simply anyone aspiring to move towards the world's most hardcore C kite, the HADLOW PRO. thanks to its roots as a pure C-kite however, those at home on the HADLOW PRO will fit perfectly into the ID and those on the ID will find an easy transition onto the HADLOW PRO.


    The HADLOW ID presents a combined package of performance and accessibility. Slashed wing-tips and an optimised leading edge give you easier don't need to fear putting this kite in the water, allowing you to push harder and faster. In the sky, bar pressure gives you knowledge of where the kite is, with direct un-twitchy control even when de-powered. If it gets too much, the ID lets you back off and control the pace. Freestyle demands consistent and strong pop and the ID gives you this in bucket-loads with post-pop slack lining to ease your handle passes. Stability combined with exceptional speed mean you've got the best of both worlds in your progression right up to Aaron's own standards. the ID is versatile across all conditions, soaking up gusts to give you consistent drive and with substantial depower from the bar, plus with additional depowered bridle settings you have a kite that truly earns two places in your quiver.

    Technical Details

    Struts: A four strut design reduces weight, with thinner rib struts further adding to the speed of the kite. Blended Aerofoil: the ID's unique and purpose built aerofoil tames the aggressive performance of the HADLOW PRO to an accessible level with more direct handling. Leading Edge: A thin diameter adds speed into the turn and gives a fast, more dynamic grunt but with more diameter than the HADLOW PRO, relaunch is no worry. Filleted Dacron Cage: Creates a truer aerofoil by reducing focal stress on rib to LE junction, meaning a smoother, more direct flight. Balanced Driving Canopy: Reduces stall after loops allowing for better hook-ups, but creates a completely neutral stall giving great balance and stability after a pass without having to drive the sail forward. Lap Seams: throughout the sail provide an aerodynamically efficient and strong stitch across the entire kite. Bridle: Fully supportive bridle creating better stability and control under extreme loads (during loops or hard pops). LE bridle and toggle points allow for zero tube rotation and distortion. the bridle on the whole gives plenty of depower with a further second "depower" setting for extreme conditions. Ride with more grunt and constant pull or more depower and forward speed. Feedback and control: the ID's unique bridle and aerofoil combine to give slightly higher bar pressure than the HADLOW PRO that remains consistent even when depowered, giving you confident knowledge of where the kite is and what it's doing. Trailing Edge: A triple ply trailing edge reduces aerodynamic flutter offering superb stability and a consistent drive. C-Kite Geometry: Near identical leading and trailing edge curves to the HADLOW PRO C-kite create a true C-kite feel with HADLOW PRO levels of performance. many other kites claim a C-kite feel but no other kite has such deep-set roots in a strong lineage of C-kites. Wingtips: Slash cut, heavily tapered tips distribute load across the whole tube, allowing for a thinner tip and creating sharper, faster turns as well as easing relaunch. Profile Alignment: taking geometry from the world's most hadcore C-Kite, the Hadlow ID keeps the profiles aligned for optimal power distribution down through the front toggles giving a true C-Kite feel. Do you really think Aaron would settle for anything else?

    Aaron Hadlow says:

    "My vision for the ID was to create a kite that would be credible, have a solid feel great for Freestyle, but also be a kite that you can jump on at almost any level. Equipped with a bridle-supported leading edge this kite can boost, de-power for wave or free-riding but still create enough pop for Wakestyle tricks. Even if you are just learning to jump this kite will suit you, easily covering intermediate through to Pro" " I get the most joy out of this product by the fact that it appeals to so many more people. Whenever I saw people enjoying a HADLOW PRO it always made me feel like I accomplished something, made a difference to somebody, now the fact that almost anybody can enjoy a concept and design I created alongside our designers is amazing ". "What struck me the most about the ID after riding C kites all my life was the fact that there is still a lot of feeling through the bar, with many hybrid kites I have usually found that I have no clue where the kite is flying, but the ID has responsive feedback and manages to de-power immensely. I also discovered how gusty winds are much more controllable with the ID, it is safe to launch and get to the ocean but still keeps an amazing low end when the wind is dropping off. Even in under-powered conditions it creates that apparent wind to get you going"

    HADLOW ID C-Kite Performance with Hybrid Depower. HADLOW ID udviklet af Aaron Hadlow "5 times kiteboarding World Champ". Elsker du hardcore freestyle, og ønsker du stadig din kite skal performe perfekt, selv i hårde forhold, og store bølger - så er løsningen til dig HADLOW ID. Med HADLOW ID har du mulighed for, at beholde din første kite for altid. HADLOW ID har fået den direkte styring fra HADLOW PRO, Designet uden midter strut for optimalt pop og kontrolerede landinger, hermed bliver det lettere for dig, at lande blind eller lære dit næste newschool tricks. Dobbelt syninger, dragon forstærkninger & sejldugen "TJ9600" gør HADLOW ID meget stabil i luften, absolut bedste kvalitet. Bridles giver HADLOW ID stor sikkerhed og let vandstart.
    • Begynder - øvede - expert
    • Surf - (3) - Freestyle - (5) - Wakestyle - (5) - Freeride - (3) - Race - (3)

    The Hadlow ID Bar

    Why this bar is so special:

    Every great kite needs a great bar. And every great bar needs to be built on a great foundation. the Hadlow ID takes the solid and ever-performing existing HADLOW bar, updating it to show a progressive improvement based on feedback that Flexifoil has had from you, the rider.

    O/S Handles Removable safety handles give you the optional extra aspect of safety and confidence. Accessibility and control are the names of the game for this kite and this extends right through to the bar with simple, easy to reach depower. Quick Release Proven quick release offering a simple, uncluttered solution for a safe quick release and easy re-attachment and replacement.

    PU Covered Centre Line Protected wearable parts on the ID bar will keep you kiting for longer, with top and bottom impact balls for durability.

    40cm Depower Line Offers plenty of depower, reducing reliance on depower straps, and combined with the innovative bridle ensures that you remain in control.

    Swivelling Handlepass Leash With secondary quick release

    Hadlow Grip A custom handle grip designed by Aaron to offer non-slip handle-passes as well as comfortable free-ride performance

    Mini 5th safety line setup Offers an extra element of safety to allow you to push yourself further and also making the bar compatible with other Flexifoil kites.

    Bar Storage Bag Keep everything neat, tidy and secure to help make your bar and lines last longer. It's the little things that count!

    4-Line 22m Setup the optimal line length as recommended and used by Hadlow for the Hadlow style. Specially designed Dyneema diamond braid line with circular weave for improved aerodynamic performance. two- point pre-stretching during line-manufacturing and prior to sleeving and stitching at the Flexifoil factory. teflon coated to protect against sand and water, creating a longer lasting line and helping with untangling. built for the new generation of HADLOW and Flexifoil kites.

    Two Chicken Loops Versatility right through to your connection with the kite. We're giving you two chicken loops, one small with fixed lock for wave and free-riding and one larger unhooking loop, with removable chicken lock, to help you push your game at your own pace.

    Aaron Hadlow says:

    When making the Hadlow Bar I wanted to keep it simple and practical but still looking clean and themed with the rest of the products. We made it with enough grip to stop your hands slipping during a handle pass' and also nice and thin throughout so you can really grasp it when your unhooked.

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