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F-ONE: Trax 7

F-ONE: Trax 7

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    The F-One Trax 7 (VII) 2012 brings outstanding planing and tremendous comfort in high wind conditions. With unmatched upwind ability, acceleration is continuous yet remains controllable in any circumstance.

    The F-One Trax 7 does all the work for you as it absorbs all vibrations instead of passing it onto your legs. It has unbelievable directional stability and an astonishing precision when edging.
    It's 3D bottom shape, composed of a double concave shape, lateral V and channels makes the Trax (VII) F-One's fastest board. It also allows us for a higher scoop for greater comfort and carving.

    With the Trax firmly geared toward performance, F-One wanted to optimize its lines, whether on the bottom or on its deck.
    A new double concave with a progressive V combine clean pure lines and high efficiency on the water.

    The new progressive V is at its maximum under the feet and associated with a double concave; in the manner of a propeller blade. This combination gives early planning, up wind and stable edging;qualities that are appreciated by freestylers and freeriders. This year F-One were particularly interested in an aspect often neglected in a board, the shape of the deck. Combining the Twist Control Carbon and deck brings a significant gain in rigidity, weight distribution and improves the general reliability.

    The complex 3D shape of the Twist Carbon Control is an integral part of the board core structure. The core consists of strips of Polonia wood, glued vertically and CNC-machined in 3D.

    The distribution of thicknesses and the formatting of volumes is directly done within the laminated Polonia. It is the form given to this core shape that is the basis of the Twist Control. Adding a layer of carbon brings the ideal strength to the qualities of the wood core distribution. This structural combination gives the board a greater liveliness and longitudinal stiffness as well as a significant weight advantage.

    Finally, the inverted rail was abandoned this year in favor of more rounded rails, surf type, and shaped within the ABS rail. The Trax 7 is simply a successful mix of technology and performance. It combines the speed and precision one can expect from any top of the line board..

    The F-One Trax 7 (VII) is the perfect board compromise between performance, carving, pop, control and comfort. For the newly released F-One Trax 7, its planning has also been optimised including upwind performance without compromising its legendary carving abilities and comfort.

    Using F-One's proven Direct Drive technology and full wood core construction experience, attention has been focused on two areas: the shape and the technology.

    The new F-One Trax 7 (VII) is a state of the art 3D bottom shape with a single concave, steps and a lateral V. This exclusive 3D shape on a full wood core board, proves year after year that F-One can improve their Direct Drive with a new advanced bottom shape.

    The new lateral V gives a free feeling while keeping the board on track and under control to go fast or throw high jumps. The lighter weight and new flex distribution offer better pop and effortless control at all times. No matter the conditions, the F-One Trax 7 (VII) outperforms on any spot. Featuring the advance Concave Steps shape the F-One Trax 7 (VII) keeps the track in straight runs and in sharp turns. It is fast and well balanced. At ease in any discipline, you can go from free-ride to free-style. With its dynamic flex, it is responsive, light and extremely comfortable to fit any type of rider.

    Who is the board designed for: If you are after a kiteboard that can do it all and at the same time
    - with the high performance you need in competition, waves and high wind conditions
    - this board will be able to handle whatever you throw at it!

    F-one 2012 TRAX 7 er helt oppe og ramme skyerne når det kommer til sejlegenskaber og gennemført finish. Trax 7 er det hurtigste board fra f-one i 2012. Trax 7 henvender sig til kitesurfere som ønsker top performans, kvalitet og gennemført finish. Er du til hardcore freestyle på fladt vand eller høje hop i choppet forhold vil du kunne nyde den store stabilitet og de fantastiske sejlegenskaber med Trax 7 2012.

    -let øvede - expert
    -Freeride / Cruising / Freestyle / Jumping / Wave
    -lev. komplet med stropper, pads, finner og håndtag.

    Untitled from jon jensen on Vimeo.

    Features / Technology:

    Concave Steps: Combining a concave in the bottom part and a channel straightening the middle, the F-One Trax 7 (VII) gets instant planing, with huge upwind potential. The concave absorbs the chops and improves the grip. The tip channel enhances the water flow exit, and relieves pressure on the back foot, bringing an incomparable comfort.

    CNC Wood Core: The Concave Steps is only made possible with CNC Wood Core technology. The wood core is digitally shaped. The production reaches out exceptional precision.

    Direct Drive: Direct Drive refers to a board with minimum thickness, with 100% wood core and 100% fiberglass envelop. These elements are interrelated and create a coherent set answering the requirement of a high performances kiteboard. With the Direct Drive F-One can obtain a very precise board, quick and active as it is able to erase the chops absorbs the energy and able to restitute all that in the best of timing. The feeling of riding in direct contact with the water is even greater, and the manufacturing quality is optimal.

    100% Wood Core: The core is the soul of the board; it is the key to the DIRECT DRIVE technology. Impossible to manufacture boards this thin 11mm in the center and only 3mm at the tips, without the help of wood core. The flex, the dynamic response and the chocks and vibrations absorption provided by the wood core are unique and unequalled.

    Twist Carbon Control: Twist Carbon Control allows you to manage the board's twist and transversal reactivity. Depending on the model, this cross-shaped structure is either an add-on or cnc-machined directly into the mass of the wood core. Using it is also a guarantee of a better control whatever the water conditions. TCC can also optimize the ratio weight/ rigidity and weight/reactivity.

    Dynamic Flex: The board works for you and with you. You don't suffer from the uneven surface of the water. The results: less effort on your legs, better aim control and better sensations.

    ABS Inverted Rail: The most outstanding improvement in the DIRECT DRIVE technology; is the flex. The board is no longer passive. It works for you and with you. You no longer suffer from the uneven surface of the water. The results: less effort on your legs, better aim control and better sensations.

    Complete with:

    -F-One Pro Platinum Adjustable Footpads -F-One Ergonomic Straplock Footstraps -G-10 Epoxy 5cm Fins with Leash Bar -Standard Grab Handle

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